What is Comprehensive Care at The Memory Center?

Specialized Care, Interdisciplinary Team 

The Memory Center at the University of Chicago is staffed by a committed team of highly trained neurologists, geriatricians, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, social workers, and specialized nurses. This multidisciplinary team approach allows us to evaluate each patient in a very thorough manner to uncover all possible causes of memory or behavioral problems and provide a comprehensive management plan. Because all these specialists work under one roof, patients and families have easy access to the appropriate specialist for their individual needs which ensures seamless, thorough care.

As part of a world renowned academic medical center, The University of Chicago Medicine Memory Center offers precisely this leading-edge care by fully integrating the newest scientific research with the most current clinical knowledge.  Our highly multidisciplinary team approach offers patients the breadth of sub-specialty care addressing memory illnesses combined with deep expertise in each discipline.  We are sought out by patients from around the world to tackle both the most common memory illnesses and the most complex treatment of rare forms of memory loss and dementia. 

The Memory Center’s services include:

  • Initial evaluations

  • Second opinions

  • Assessing and managing behavioral or psychiatric problems accompanying memory disorders

  • Primary care for memory loss

  • Inbound referrals from community physicians for evaluation, consultation, or ongoing care

If you or someone you know needs the services of The University of Chicago Medicine Memory Center, please contact (773) 834-4340 (if 65 years or older) or (773) 702-6222 (if under age 65).

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