What to Expect

What to expect during your visit at The Memory Center

While the evaluation is tailored to each patient, most patients will be seen separately by our care team to clearly determine the full scope of the cognitive problem and how it affects the patient and family. 


Step 1. At the visit, the patient will initially undergo a general physical and neurological exam along with a cognitive screeening assessment.

Step 2. Depending on the results, the patient may be seen by one of the staff neuropsychologists to perform a more comprehensive assessment of memory and cognition.

Step 3. A nurse or social worker may meet with the patient and family to assess the needs of the family, with regard to support services.

Step 4. The patient will have some blood tests performed before they leave, and if needed, an imaging study using high resolution brain scans will be scheduled. 

Step 5. After the comprehensive evaluation is completed, the Center team will develop an individually tailored care plan for each patient and family. If additional studies are required, for more difficult cases, the patient and family will be informed as to the plan.

The Diagnosis. The diagnosis is usually given at a "Family Conference" visit where the patient is encouraged to bring as many members of his/her family, so all can hear about the diagnosis and care plan.  The diagnosis and care plan is summarized in a report and, upon request the report is sent to physicians who refer patients to the Center and the patient or immediate caregiver (via enrollment in My Chart, which provides direct web-based access to their records). The care plan helps guide the ongoing care of the patient over the long-term course of the memory disorder. The Memory Center specializes in all forms of dementia and memory loss for all adults, including early onset dementia (for those under age 65) and unusual/atypical presentations.

Continuity of Care. The care does not end with a diagnosis. We provide ongoing support and care throughout the course of the disease.

The dedicated nurses, social workers, and physicians are available to answer any questions the family has about the patient and will discuss these issues with the physician caring for the patient where necessary.

Additional support is available in the form of support groups and active programs at The Memory Center.

Your First Visit

For a first-time appointment at The Memory Center, please download, print, and complete these three forms:

Memory Center Patient Intake Form_4 pages.pdf

Memory Center-ADL Form.pdf


Please bring to The Memory Center at your appointment:* 

*note: The nurse will ask for your completed documents before you see the doctor. Failure to complete the documents may cause a delay in your appointment.

Any questions, please contact Mignon at (773) 834-3470.

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